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BRONZE Package

This is our starter package. If you want to have your own website and don’t know where to start, this package is perfect for you.

You can have a basic website from 1 to 5 web pages and includes one year free web hosting plus one year domain name registration of your choice.

Your website would have a fully custom/unique design with you own header image in the WordPress Content Management Platform. Updates or changes are free for one month and also includes a personalized email address of your choice.

To jumpstart your content, included in the package is the editing of 5 of your best pigeons.

You’ll also get a stat counter to see who have visited your site, translation option for foreign web visitors and even a guestbook where they can let you know what they can share their opinions about your loft and birds.


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This is our most popular website design package. You should be able to have all the information you want to share with your visitors available for them to read.

This package includes a unique/custom built website between 6 to 10 web pages with your own personalized header graphics. We’ll do 2 distinctly different WordPress-based designs and you’ll have the choice to use either one. You’ll also have one year free web hosting and one year free registration of your domain name of choice together with 2 personalized email addresses. Updates and changes are free for 2 months plus free editing of 10 of your best birds.

Search engine optimization is included together with visitor and statistics monitoring plus translation to more than 30 foreign languages.


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GOLD Package

This is our advance package. If you have much more content that you want to share and the silver package may not be enough for you, this package would be perfect.

The main difference of this package are the following;

11 to 15 web pages

2 years free webhosting

2 years free domain name registration

3 months free updates

3 personalized email addresses

15 free bird editing

3 custom/unique website designs to choose from


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Here is a side by side package comparison table between our Bronze, Silver and Gold website design packages.



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