Pigeon Photo Edit and Design

Pigeon photos are edited for presentation together with the bird details to present a clean image and
helps in making your pigeons more attractive to potential buyers and other fanciers. Those
with many or valuable birds, we recommend and can design a unique “look” or distinctive
impression which distinguishes your photos and could serve as your easily recognizable mark.

No need to wait for a photographer to arrive, and their extra charges, to take you bird photos. You
take the photos and send them to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

pigeon photo design

Designed photos may be used for websites, auctions, catalogs, advertisements or printed for display.

We started in the designing field because when we surfed the net and saw many pigeon photos and
designs which we think needs improvements and do not really present the bird as they should be.
Some are too dark or with shadows and the colors are not realistic, others are not in the proper pose,
others have droppings around the bird which need to be cleaned, etc.

As you can see in the samples below, it is possible to edit the bird in a couple of ways. One is to take
the bird (as is) from its original background and place it in a new background and the second is to
design the bird “Pipa” style. The edit would of course depend on the fancier’s preference but for
auction or for sale birds we highly recommend that the bird is presented “as is”. What we mean by
this is to just change the background and highlight the bird at its best appearance. Clean it by
bringing out its natural color, focus the bidder’s eye on the bird itself, take care of any loose or frailed
feathers, etc. This way the buyer can see the actual bird he is bidding on and there’ll be no surprises
when he wins the auction. The second edit or “Pipa” style can be used for adverts, pedigrees, etc. or
in instances where the bird is not for sale and used only for reference.

We can also provide prints ready for framing. Available sizes are 4×6 inches, 8×10 inches and 11×14

Click here for more sample single pigeon designs.

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