PDF Catalog Design and Layout

Some features and advantages of a PDF brochure/catalog are;

* Buyers/fanciers maybe interested to know more about you, your champion birds and results but
cannot browse your website as often or as long as they like for some reason or another. With a PDF
formatted brochure/catalog they can save it in their computer and read it as often as they want even
without being connected to the internet. With the time to carefully browse what is available, the
reader is more inclined to place an order because he has the complete information on hand and has
the time to consider his purchase thoroughly. The brochure/catalog can also be printed easily to be
brought around and discussed between fanciers.

* Being in a PDF format, the brochure/catalog can be read in any computer operating system with an
Adobe PDF reader or equivalent software. The brochure/catalog is fully navigable with table of
contents, bookmarks and internal links. An introduction and easy to follow instructions on how to
use the PDF brochure/catalog will also be included for those not familiar with PDF documents.

* Multimedia (videos, sounds/music and sideshows) can be added to give the reader a new and
different experience.

* Information in the brochure/catalog can be as few or as many as you wish because there is no
“printing” cost involved. If you have any information in your website not included in the
brochure/catalog (such as a pedigree), a link can be inserted in the brochure/catalog itself and when
clicked will bring the reader to your website, if he has a live internet connection. You decide what
important items you want included and emphasized. Some items you may wish to add would be
history, lofts, family of birds kept, results, news, articles, other items for sale, etc. Again, the decision
is yours.

* It is easy to send to people with email addresses and can be downloaded direct from your website.
Postage cost is also not an issue unlike the regular “printed” brochures/catalogs so it can be sent to
regular, old or prospective buyers.

* Audience is unlimited as it can be passed/shared between interested individuals indefinitely.

* Information is easy to bring up to date when needed. Any new information can be assembled and
sent or available as an update. Current for sale birds can have a brochure/catalog of their own with
links to your website.

* Information is permanently documented for future reference.

* Each brochure/catalog is personalized and unique.

* Used as a marketing and promotion tool and when uploaded in cyberspace give you unlimited
exposure for only a one time cost.

If you do decide on a PDF catalog, you will be one of the few who has one and with a big difference.
All online PDF catalogs we have seen are not navigable and do not have links. The reason could be
the catalog was designed to be printed and the online offering was just an afterthought.

Designing and producing the layout for a catalog either for electronic use or printing is complicated
work. Depending on the number of pages and graphics involved, it would take from one to two
weeks or even more to finish a project. As with all design work, the idea conceptualization stage is
the most demanding and time consuming so it is important that we work closely with the client. It is
always our goal to come up with a unique and properly designed project that will meet or even
exceed the client’s expectations.

We specialize in PDF formatted catalog/brochures but also accept and can do projects for print
work. The processes have some differences which are not readily apparent.

Or if you have a PDF brochure/catalog now and what to improve on it, contact us and we will see
what we can do.

Contact us now at info@caraguidesign.com for more details.

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