Advertising Design and Layout

If you’re thinking of placing an advertisement in your local pigeon publication, try our services for
design and layout.

Doing a layout for print is different than that for electronic or computer use. We’ll make sure that
what you see in your computer screen is what the readers of your ad will see when they open the
magazine. We work closely with clients to arrive at the perfect design and get the right message

Designing & layout for an advert copy consists of interaction between us and the client. The client
provides us with the purpose or message of the advert then we turn the idea into a design. Once
several ideas have been discussed, we get down to work and submit at 2 proofs for approval. Only
when the client is satisfied and have chosen the right design do we finalize the layout

Next time you need to place an ad, contact us & we’ll make sure your placement will stand out and
generate the results you expect.

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